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Marketing Your Site With Video to Increase Traffic

Here are a few quick tips for creating videos that sell and catch the eye of the viewer.

Use these tips to create videos that will capture your viewers’ attention and make them want to see more of you.

That way, you can get them interested in what you have to say and ultimately use video marketing to create more traffic to your website!

Quick Tips For Creating Great Videos That Can Generate More Traffic For Your Website

1. Shoot outside – you get great light and your video will have more eye appeal and energy than a static inside setting.

2. Be Casual and Fun – some of the best videos we’ve shot have been fun and lighthearted. Remember, even when people are looking for information and knowledge they still want to be entertained.

3. Don’t be Boring – more of the keep them entertained rule!

4. Make Your Videos Short and To the Point – get your message across in fewer than 5 minutes. If you need more time, then you should make more than one video and have each one cover a complete mini-thought.

5. Watch for Too Much Noise – we shot a few videos down by the beach because we wanted people thinking about relaxing and having a beach lifestyle, but we were too close to the water and the ambient noise of the waves made it almost impossible to hear the speaker, so we had to reshoot farther away. Be sure you can get good sound quality and don’t forget how noisy the wind can be!

6. Stay away from distracting backgrounds – you want the focus of your video to be your primary subject, so be sure not to have a background that is too busy, loud or filled with so much activity that it takes the viewer’s attention away from your primary subject and message.

7. Have a Beginning, Middle and End – great filmmakers know that all successful movies have a beginning, middle and end. Your videos should be no different. Start by telling them what you’re going to tell them, this is the set-up for what comes next. In the middle, you want to give them whatever information or message you want to deliver. Then at the end, you can have a call to action where you try to get them to do something you want them to do, like go to your website for more info, or eat fewer candy bars or whatever. They won’t do it unless you ask them. Make your ending a call to action.

Use these tips to help you create better videos that can drive traffic to your site and increase your viewership.

Roland Frasier writes about marketing at his blog at and assists info product owners, website owners, marketers, businesses, speakers, trainers, gurus, authors and coaches in generating more traffic for the websites, building lists and implementing marketing campaigns, both online and offline.

I have never really thought of myself as a media guru up until now. People keep on asking me questions about how to get themselves in front of the media. I am not sure about that, but I sure do know how to get your business in front of the media.

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